“There are no two words more harmful in the English language than good job.” - Terence Fletcher, Whiplash (2014)

Brandon J Optic LLC is dedicated to providing a quality client experience that promises innovative digital solutions. 




PHOTO: Justin Gibby, Gibby Visuals

PHOTO: Justin Gibby, Gibby Visuals

Brandon J Optic was founded in 2015. Brandon J Optic LLC was created due to popular demand and has an outstanding reputation in Hampton Roads specializing in Cinematography for corporations, brands, and creative content for narrative work.

By creating digital content for clients, we are able to solve digital media needs for any client, from multimillion dollar to local pubs. We’re flexible in price but most of all we are the best at what we do.

My name is Brandon Jones. I am an extremely versatile cinematographer with 7 years experience in the videography field, as well as extensive background in customer service and client relations. I have lost many things in my life, such as family, friends, and even Pokemon cards; however, because of this, I have dedicated my life to removing the haze of memory by crystallizing precious moments. I am innovative and I love to ask questions. My deep passion for storytelling and actualizing fairy tales is what separates me from other cinematographers. I look forward to solving your needs as a cinematographer.

See You In The Viewfinder!


Commercial Cinematography


We understand that companies have needs for video and not enough time to deal with the headache of finding someone that can storyboard shoot and edit. We deploy weapons to better deal with customer solutions and relive burdens.

Photos of some corporate events, my photography, and amazing people I have met.